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Our Vision: A Regenerative World

Our Vision is a world where all businesses – from start up to global multinationals – choose to play an active part in creating a regenerative future for humankind and the planet, through having a Planetary Purpose aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Purpose-Led – we work with organisations who want to develop a Planetary Purpose

  • Conscious and Humane – we work with organisations to activate a conscious and humane approach to people and planet

  • Designed for Collective Intelligence – we believe in galvanising people through mining the intelligence already in the room

  • Designed for Self-Responsibility & Imagination – we believe in designing frameworks not rules within which people’s imagination can take flight, but where they are accountable and responsible

We aim to support a sea change in the focus of business from profit to planetary purpose.

Our Mission

To encourage all and any organisations, from startup to global, to align behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create a stable regenerative future for all life on earth.
To create fair and equitable workplaces where people love to work, where they can develop a higher consciousness and liberate their full potential as compassionate human beings through a culture of practices.
To activate creativity and innovation to solve global challenges by redesigning the shape and practice of how we do business; from meetings to organisational design.

  • Planetary Purpose – what global challenges are you here to solve?

  • Compassionate Culture & Comms – How will you develop more conscious, kind and connected humans?

  • Self-Managed Innovation – How will you redesign for creativity & innovation?

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