How does nature help us design collaborative relationships?

Dayna’s post on The Nature of Competition on Linked In tells us more about what nature can teach business about competition.

What strategies does nature have to share with us on collaboration vs competition?

Collaboration benefits multiple participants as we can learn from the way in which Australian Myrmecodia plants cooperate.
The relationship between the Egyptian plover and the crocodile, for example, is a surprising one. A crocodile, one of nature’s fiercest hunters, lies in the sun with its mouth open. The plover flies into its mouth and feeds of bits of decaying prey stuck in the crocodile’s teeth. The crocodile does not snap shut and scoff the plover because it appreciates getting a dental treatment.
Mutualisms in nature: oxpeckers & cape buffalo; crococdile & egyptian plover; clownfish and anemonae

How does mutualism work?

How does this actually work in the business world?

From plastic trash to plastic fantastic — Adidas & Parley

From fire hose to luxury fashion — Elvis & Kresse’s partnership

Is there a difference between collaboration and co-creation?

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