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We Cannot Solve Our Problems With The Same Thinking We Used When We Created Them. Einstein

Organisations that activate the creative thinking capacity of their people are the organisations most likely to achieve the truly groundbreaking change we need to address the challenges of the future.

Our Activating Creativity workshops have been specifically designed to address the key barriers to creative thinking we have identified during research with hundreds of companies and leaders worldwide who are re-imagining and re-inventing business models to meet an uncertain future. We found that the key to unleashing the imagination from diverse groups of people is not training or education – it is structure.

Our workshops are designed and structured to overcome communications challenges of cultural diversity, gender diversity and character/personality types. Everyone contributes, everyone participates, everyone decides.

Building on the seminal work of people like Edward de Bono, combined with many decades of working with the creative process for global brands and recent study of cognitive and behaviour sciences, all our Activating Creativity workshops were designed by our founder Jenny Andersson.


You and your team will gain:-

  • Greater confidence in applying creative thinking methods to problem-solving
  • Activate divergent thinking
  • Understand cognitive processing and bias recognition
  • Create team cohesion and commitment
  • Learn rapid ideation processes
  • Practice creative techniques to harvest collective intelligence


Creative Burst 90 is a high-energy, intensive experience designed to awaken ideas and creativity around a specific question. In a period as short as 90 minutes, we will co-creatively explore the challenges, barriers, ideas and creative thinking around a single wicked problem or thorny issue.

Sessions are curated to create a safe space for all of your team to freely share their innovative ideas. We provide you the framework in 5 key stages to experiment and re-imagine your challenge, harvesting the collective intelligence and imagination in the room.

All ideas and critical insights will be heard | Creative framework and pace will allow participants to engage with their sub-conscious | Everyone has equal power and say | Cultural, gender and character/personality diversity is built into the framework.

How does Activating Creativity 90 work?

We lay the groundwork by collaborating with you to identify the right question and appropriate mix of participants.

Step 1: Ideation – a rapid exploration of potential solutions from individuals, pairs and small groups using the World Cafe approach
Step 2: Exploration & Expansion – a deep dive into the selected ideas, gathering all the insights and knowledge in the room using the Open Space Technology process.
Step 3: Barriers & Boundaries – exploring all the constraints and reasons why each idea may not work
Step 4: Democratic Selection by the group of the most favoured approaches and solutions
Step 5: Peer to Peer Planning – digging into the detail of the selected solution, and exploring how to meet any unmet human needs to support the project and create a plan of action.

Who can benefit from Activating Creativity 90?

Activating Creativity 90 is an ideal start point to explore how to harvest the collective intelligence of your team or organisation, and explore the real benefits of a self-managed and open approach to collaboration.

It is a rapid way to identify any unmet human needs in your team, and an excellent way to explore a specific challenge we have identified and framed together.

Any organisation with an intractable, thorny, wicked problem that hasn’t shifted. Any organisation or team with cultural entropy. Any organisation or team where there is low engagement and morale.


Activating Systems Thinking and Creative Thinking in your organisation are intimately interlinked. The ability to think in, and recognise systems significantly accelerates your capacity to activate positive change in your business. It’s also essential for joining the regenerative business community.

Systems Thinking is one of the most powerful tools we have to understand and change the world. Organisations who employ a systems approach to growth instantly gain the deep understanding of the interconnectedness of decisions, avoid unintended consciousnesses and create significantly more innovative business outcomes.

Our Systems Thinking, Creative Action workshops are shaped to develop your capacity around activating systemic change and solving complex problems through harvesting the collective intelligence in your business, and activating a creative thinking culture.


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