In times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, it is more important than ever that we are able to communicate with clarity with our colleagues.  

We help people understand one another.  Our workshops and training help people to recognise and respect differences and celebrate diversity.  We develop clear communication methods, and support teams with innovative listening, sensing, seeing and empathetic skills.


We are living in a period where there are more worldviews and levels of consciousness in any one room, organisation, city and country – than at any other time in human history.

Navigating the complexity of communicating with one another through cultural, gender and character/personality differences is a daily challenge.

Creating communications to support transformational change requires a deep understanding of where everyone is inside the organisation in terms of their values, beliefs, skills and knowledge, and an understanding of how fast they can travel personally as well as organisationally towards the future.

A new set of qualities, tools and skills are required to lead from the emerging future, and hold the space for positive change to emerge. Leaders who have mastered these skills know how to see, sense, listen and act with courage and conviction.


Designed using principles harvested from Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, mindful self-compassion, and many respected theories of change, Activating Empathetic Communications gives participants practical tools to help them develop the qualities and skills that will help them initiative and guide change, but also hold their confidence, resilience and courage together when problems arise.

You will learn and practice:

  • Unique ways to build cognitive and cultural bridges over complex challenges
  • The brain sciences behind the issued to help unravel their subtle power
  • Deep Listening: the four levels of listening
  • Techniques for practising and developing Empathy
  • An introduction to constellation work
  • Practice case clinics in small groups to create collaborative trust
  • Understand how biases affect decision making and communications
  • Examine the cultural differences across communications, decision-making, leadership, and feedback to develop understanding and compassion for others in your team

During research we discovered that shape and structure has as much impact on breaking down the cognitive barriers and processing that leads to stereotypical based biases, as training and education. Implicit biases have great power over rapid decision-making and influence how we hire, how we treat people and the opportunities we give access to professionally.

Using The Activation Method we unearth the unrecognised and unspoken biases that may be preventing your organisation or team from making progress, we explore the changes we would like to make, and we active that change through our unique set of tools and exercises.

One of the key insights of my research was to observe the need to accelerate response to opportunities to communicate thoughts and opinions for women, but decelerate responses in men. Women are fractionally slower across all personality types than men, and are doubly inhibited by pre-formed social constructs of how women – and especially women leaders – should behave.

Activating Empathy has been shown to be a key tool to engage all genders across all cultures to overcome systemic issues impeding gender equality and communication. We use a diverse set of techniques and tool which include Empathy Walks, Walking in My Shoes, and gender equality games.


Communications strategies for change have to take into account the wide diversity of cultures, beliefs, knowledge, skills, genders and personalities that will be affected by the change if we are to be successful.

Empathetic Communications for Change helps organisations, teams and communities to understand the potential for impact on the ecosystem their aspirations for change. It supports you to the potential for impact across diverse systems, groups and processes. It helps you assess the levels of emotional readiness to act in the stakeholder groups and make a credible, sustainable plan for how to move forward with your vision. And it provides tools and techniques to manage the uncertainty of change.

What you will experience:-

  • Imagineering the Future – creating your future best-case vision
  • A method for assessing where you are
  • Cultural, gender, character diversity impacts on change
  • Understanding levels of personal & organisational consciousness
  • Understanding the psychology of evolutionary change
  • Tools for mapping the potential journey
  • Storytelling & Sharing techniques & tools
  • Principles of ethical communication
  • Understanding boundaries around transparency
  • Contribution & Commitment Mindsets for 10 years of change
  • Measuring change and impact

Empathetic Communications for Change in person are custom-designed programmes for specific organisations who are ‘ready to act’ and change products, brands, departments, teams in a way which is significant for purposeful and meaningful futures. WeActivate meet with to first assess the modules that may suit your specific needs. It will be available as a skills and experience online course in the near future.

Do Stuff That Matters: Create Positive Change Through Activating Future-Fit Business

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