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Consumers and employees alike want brands to be socially and environmentally responsible in the world. It’s no longer enough to have the odd volunteering programme or raise occasional funds for charity. Brands are expected to participate in global challenges and take part in finding innovative ways to be sustainable servants to people and planet.

Activating organisational Purpose and Soul is no longer the prerequisite of creative agencies. By harvesting the collective intelligence and imagination of your stakeholders and activating purpose from within, you can create collaborative energy for your whole organisation to drive purposeful action across all parts of your business.

We help brands co-creatively re-imagine a brighter future and then work out how they will play a part in making it happen. Through our Activation Method, we unearth new insights, passions and purpose your people are ready to ignite. We explore how your organisation can activate that purpose throughout product design, communications, supply chain, service to integrate a purpose-led strategy. ;We activate a programme of cultural change to support you through the challenges as you make a difference to people and planet.


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The conscious business movement is rapidly accelerating. The transition is evident all around the world as brands adopt fair trade models and activate the circular economy.

The movement towards regenerative business is seen as being one of the most effective ways of boosting global competitiveness, fostering sustainable economic growth and restoring the ecological systemic balance of the environment.

In tandem with the environment, organisations are looking more closely at their social impact from employee wellbeing to humanity in the supply chain and their potential to create local social bonds.

In our Activating Purpose deep-dive, we will explore the creative thinking inside your stakeholder groups to re-imagine how your organisation could activate or extend existing social and environmental purpose to create greater impact.

How does this intervention work?

We use our Activation Method – Unearth, Explore, Activate – to unleash their creative imagination about the kind of future they want to live and work in. We re-imagine ways in which your organisation could not only participate in that future, but make it happen. Collectively and collaboratively, we bring to life the opportunities for innovation through sustainable social and environmental action and purpose.

This workshop includes:-

  • The Activation Method to re-imagine the future
  • Activating the creative mindset to switch on the opportunity lens
  • How to move beyond sustainability to regenerative practices
  • Discovering the opportunities for social and environmental purpose which integrate with your brand and business goals
  • Creating a project plan for future action with committed champions
  • Developing creative storytelling and customer experiences with soul
  • Activating Purpose workshops can be a single day immersion experience, or can be designed in partnership with your leadership team to unearth insight and imagination throughout your stakeholder groups in larger organisations. Knowledge and creativity is then collectively synthesised and future action shared with all groups to keep the collaborative culture spreading.


Workshop Outcomes

  • Understanding the opportunities and possibilities for activating social and environmental purpose in your organisation
  • Harvest the collective intelligence of your stakeholders to develop highly engaged commitment to future action
  • Project champions and teams ready to develop new initiatives and projects
  • A roadmap and goals for the future impacts of activating brand purpose
  • Understand how your organisation can activate the UN SDGs


The UN Sustainable Development Goals

We use many different lenses to activate creative thinking around future purpose. One of the most successful is the UN Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals. Launched in 2015, the UN Global Goals encompass all the key worldwide challenges of humanity and often spark fierce excitement and release imagination when your organisation is examined in light of the Goals.

We are fortunate to have a close relationship with the the United Nations and have designed some of our offerings to support the ambitious and important UN Sustainable Design Goals. Throughout our workshops you will understand which UN SDGs your organisation related to, and how you can help bring about social and environmental change by supporting this global effort.

If you already have an SDG your organization would like to work on, get in touch for custom solutions to help you activate purpose and the goals.


All Change Together

Activating Purpose is often the tip of the activation iceberg. As you release the collective creativity and intelligence of your stakeholder group, projects will emerge, change will happen. There will be many challenges ahead. WeActivate understand the challenges of implementing purpose-led action in an organisation.

Our experience with global activist brands such as Patagonia, Timberland & Virgin have taught us the qualities we need to activate and the energy we need to hold for change to happen.

We will be there to support you activate the key qualities which support your move to purpose-led business such as Resilient Thinking, Self-Managed Structures, Self-Sufficient Leadership, Empathetic Communication and Curious Culture.

Being a purpose-led, meaningful business is a constant evolution through managing uncertainty, being agile and responsive to change, and above all activating a future mindset.

Do Stuff That Matters: Create Positive Change Through Activating Future-Fit Business

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