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In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are one of the best frameworks we have to design organisations which contribute to successful social and environmental purpose.  From multi-national corporations like Unilever to small regional lavender farmers, the UN SDGs offer a template against which to audit your business to monitor and improve your impact on the world.

Whether you use the SDGs as guidelines to work behind the scenes on your supply chain, manufacturing processes, reducing your footprint or you use them for brand inspiration to help re-imagine how you are going to design your public contribution to the world, we all need to get behind the Goals if we are to succeed.

Our Activate the UN SDG workshop can be used as a rapid re-imagining exercise to find inspiration for new ways of working, or can be a detailed audit of your existing environmental and social impact.

Activate The SDGs Workshop

In the morning session you will:

  • Identify the relevant Global Goals for your business
  • Map the relevant Goals to the key indicators
  • Understand how your business is contributing to the Goals today
  • Develop plans to increase your performance against the Goals
  • Set up metrics to measure performance

In the afternoon session you will:

  • Participate in a Re-Imagineering session to bring strategy, brand, CSR, sustainability together behind your chosen Goals
  • Develop creative ideas to engage staff and stakeholders
  • Develop detail around one key idea
  • Put together a source team to bring your organisation fully behind the Goals
  • Work out how to tell engaging stories to stakeholders about you work for the Goals

The Global Goals – Working for You

Our Activating The SDGs workshop looks specifically at how your organisation can take inspiration from the Global Goals to re-imagine the future impact your business could have on people and planet.

Using The Activation Method – Unearth Explore ReImagine – we dig deep into your systems, processes and products but also unleash your dreams and aspirations so that your company and your people can contribute purposefully and meaningfully to a vibrant future.

You will:-

  • Imagineer the Future You Want and the Goals you want to Activate
  • Assess your organisation’s current status against the Global Goals
  • Learn how to Activate the Opportunity Mindset
  • Learn mapping techniques to assess current progress
  • Set goals and objectives for SDG-led activity
  • Map stakeholder ecosystems and potential impact
  • Articulate collective vision and actions to be taken
  • Practice creative storytelling to inspire action

Who can benefit from Activating the Global Goals?

WeActivate believes that all organisations from global to start-ups can, and should, be involved in delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Using the Global Goals as a framework for improving your organisation’s performance, environmental efficiency, social impact, employee engagement and customer connection can be an aspiration for any business.

Organisations who will achieve great strides from Activating The Global Goals includes:-

  • Any organisation that is ‘ready to act’ on social and environmental purpose
  • An organisation with low employee engagement and cultural entropy
  • Consumer brands and retail organisation
  • A brand that wants to align sustainability, social and environmental action as part of its CSR or marketing communications programmes
  • Any local authority or city management team looking to re-imagine a sustainable city of the future through internal and external engagement activities
  • Local communities, towns and cities with a concerned group of citizens
  • NGOs currently or about to enact a strategic review
  • Start-up leadership teams who want to embed social and environmental policy into their business proposition

Activating the Global Goals in Local Community Groups

WeActivate carries out a number of free workshops for village communities during the year. If you have a group of between 12 and 40 people in your village that would like to come together and explore how you can activate the Global Goals in your community, get in touch. We promise you an enlivening evening of creativity, exploration and future commitment!

All your need is a village hall or someone’s house if it’s got a biggish room, some flip charts and pens, a bunch of open minds, open hearts and open will to Unearth Explore and Re-Imagine. All you need to do is cover our travel expenses if there are any, and coffee, tea and biscuits are always good – organic only please!!

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