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In January 2015 the Stockholm Resilience Centre first released their study on the planetary boundaries within which we need to live in order to maintain a stable planetary ecosystem and clearly indicated those we have overshot.  In September 2015, the UN release the Sustainable Development Goals – a map for the world to bring the planet back into social and environmental balance. In 1997 Janine Benyus and the Biomimicry Institute documented Life’s Principles – foundational ideas around which we could all design a world in which we live in harmony with nature’s way of creating the conditions conducive to life.

Just a few years ago, renegade economist Kate Raworth introduced the Doughnut.  A combination of the UN SDGs and the planetary boundaries as a simple but effective way to look at designing regenerative economies.  Since then Kate and Janine have been working on combining models and experimenting with the UN Sustainable Cities programme – especially with Amsterdam – to explore how to create Doughnut Cities of the future.

So many models, so many roads to the future! If you are a council in charge of a city, or a town or even a small village – how should you integrate any of these principles into your economic strategy?

We Activate The Future works with smaller cities, towns and villages, regional councils and local economic partnerships to activate a regenerative economic approach to the future.  Are you a regional council leader, on the board of an LEP, a city mayor or a concerned village citizen who wants to find ways to combine economics, social and environmental impact?  We are ready to help!

Urban Doughnut – Getting Started

1 Day Workshop

In this one day workshop you will explore the ideas contained in renegade economist Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics – but as applied to a city, town or community.  You will:-

  • Learn about the principles of Doughnut Economics
  • Explore and assess how your community is doing against each of the 12 social principles
  • Explore and assess how your community is doing against each of the environmental boundaries
  • Dig into your community’s innate creativity and surface creative approaches to potential shortfalls
  • Create a roadmap of further action you intend to take

How We Work With You

  • Support you in pre-workshop preparation to identify useful information to bring into the workshop
  • Help adapt the areas of social and environmental focus to be tailored to your city/town/community
  • Run the workshop with a team of expert facilitators trained in a wide variety of methods from Theory U, Art of Hosting to non-violent communication – and who have participated in Kate’s Doughnut Speaker Training programme
  • Provide a written report summarising key insights and ideas
  • Attend a review session with you to organise next steps

The Urban Doughnut one day workshop is also a great way to bring your whole community together in a cross-disciplinary approach to future strategy which is engaging, informative and educational – and inspiring fun!

The 1 day Urban Doughnut Workshop will help you set future direction to bring your whole community, stakeholders and rights holders together behind a new regenerative economy plan.

Developing Your Doughnut Strategy

Are you ready to create a regenerative economy? Are you ready to become a Doughnut city or town?

We Activate The Future works with regional and local councils to help them use Kate Raworth’s Doughnut model to deeply examine social and environmental impact, and create new and engaging narratives which inspire communities in time of uncertainty and change.

We combine the Doughnut with The Biomimicry Institute’s Life’s Principles to make a thorough study of your environment, the implications of your bioregional capacity, and the potential for regional specificity in industry development  – all in line with your industrial and economic strategy plans.

We can help council leadership teams to shape ambitious but achievable key performance indicators that are easy for the public to understand, even when there are many layers of complexity involved.

Our teams – experts in creative strategy, sustainability, and change management – will support councils through a process of adapting existing plans and narratives into practical, inspiring and feasible action plans to deliver the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals and restrain our regional and local impact on our topography.

Working with local stakeholders and rights holders, we also create opportunities for difficult conversations about key topics which are likely to impact regional resilience in the face of climate change. As an independent and unbiased third party we are able to create psychologically safe environments in which to hold discussion about the future where there are no easy decisions to be made.

We are active worldwide within a network of Bioregional Learning Centres to bring regions together in a future approach which does beyond political boundaries to work with the boundaries set by the natural geography and topography of our regions.

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