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Do You Want to Create an Agile & Entrepreneurial Future-Fit Culture?

We specialise in innovative approaches to strategic problem-solving, cultural change, qualitative research and brand communications through collaboratively and co-creatively harvesting the collective intelligence within your organisation.

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Specialists In Organisational Change & Future-fit Culture

Our Workshops, Training and Consultancy help you to Activate the key qualities identified by successful leaders of future-fit organisations.

Creative Thinking | Imagination | Self-Sufficiency | Collaboration | Emotionally Intelligent Communications | Self-Management

Our purpose is to help activate the business community to participate in growing regenerative and generative approach to business through sharing knowledge, and through our designed interventions and creative tools. We build capacity for organisations, teams and individuals to be part of the ‘better business’ movement.

We steward and guide organisations and individuals to make positive change externally through brand communications, relationship building, product development to help deliver your external purpose. And internally through building co-creative and collaborative cultures where everyone is doing work that is meaningful to them

Our Most Popular Interventions Include

Activating Creative Thinking

Activating Creativity

Creative Thinking helps activate entrepreneurialism, kick-start innovation and create future problem-solvers.

Creative Thinking

Creativity is the single most important quality top CEOs are looking for in their organisational culture.

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Activating Purpose

Activating Purpose

Purpose-led businesses are out-performing others exponentially in growth and engagement

For Organisations & Individuals

Increasingly, customers and employees alike want organisations to have positive social and environmental purpose and impact.

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Activating Meaning

Not everyone is motivated by Purpose. We need to understand what motivates everyone in our organisation.

Meaningful Work

When we understand how individuals find meaning in their working lives, we can shape our organisations to ensure they do. Our Workshops help to create Meaningful Workplaces for everyone.

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Activating Communications

Activating Communications

Clear communications which recognise and address the complexity of cultural, gender and character diversity is essential to engagement

Empathy & Engagement

We Activate Empathetic Communications by digging into the cultural framework of your organisation and helping you shape the language that will help you create a collaborative, co-creative culture that works.

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Activating Self Management

Activating Imagination

We help organisations re-imagine the future of their brand by activating co-creative, collaborative and transformative thinking.

Re-Imagine Your Future

The future is changing rapidly. It’s hard to imagine a future we can’t see.  We help people re-imagine their role in an uncertain and complex future by exploring how they want to live and work and re-shaping their organisation to meet future needs.  Using global trends & data, activating intuition and creative collective imagineering.

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Activating SDGs

Activating The SDGs

For those organisations who are committed to assessing their global impact and contributing to achieving the Global Goals

A Framework for the Future

We Activate organisational imagination through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a tool to assess organisational impact or inspire brand imagination and action, the UN SDGs are a remarkable template for future-fit brands.

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What Our Clients Say

We work with clients to identify what is at the heart of their unique, often complex, wicked challenges and help facilitate the emergence of solutions by co-creatively harvesting the collective intelligence in the organisation’s ecosystem.

Our clients and collaborators are pioneers in developing social and environmentally purpose-led businesses who also want to offer meaningful work to their people. They believe in a regenerative future, recognise the interconnectedness of all life on earth and are ready to act to be part of the global solutions we need.

It was a rapid but effective and structured process that enabled a diverse group of approx. 25 people to brain storm, evaluate, and then make a key decision within 1.5 hours. I suspect that had we tried to achieve the same outcome using normal processes (emails / normal un facilitated meetings) it would have taken a month or more in elapsed time.

Dana Poole, Glaxo Smith Kline

I’m impressed with the thought provoking insights that you and the team were able to draw out after such a short sharp interaction.

Andreas Rassau, Glaxo Smith Kline

Really very helpful and worthwhile in clarifying our strategy for the conference, and very enjoyable to work with you.

Carol McKenna, Extinction & Livestock Conference

A HUGE, HUGE thank you for all your wonderful support with the conference strategy and presentation and, of course, for your support on the day.

CEO, Philip Lymbery, Compassion in World Farming

Insights for Change

Insights from the world of creative thinking, systems thinking, brand communications, emergent future ways of building brilliant brands and businesses which support living systems on planet earth.

Trusted People Trusted Partners

We are a collaborative collective of experts bringing together the best future thinking in strategy, empathetic brand communications, future and creative thinking, and collective intelligence.  Together We Activate Positive Futures for People & Planet.

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Do Stuff That Matters: Create Positive Change Through Activating Future-Fit Business

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